15.12.2011, 06:26 Uhr
Mariage Fréres - the superb world of the (!) teas

Some pitch-dark souls Laughing have disclosed: Mariage Fréres are the original and have given the blueprint for the business concept of the Singaporean startup TWG. This is no astonishing news to the tobacconist, though, if one thinks of Balkan Sobranie, Sasieni or Solani. Nonetheless I cherish TWG just like I do the French brothers. Thank God there are variations to the benefit of us tea drinkers. Whether or not the actual year of establishing Marriage Fréres of 1854 has an edge over the allegedly and cunningly used year of foundation of 1837 which TWG features is left to anyone's discretion. Both institutions, however, are a good example of the decisive difference between original European epicure tradition and a contemporary enterprise- and product concept lacking such a base.

Let me express it like a famous German comedian and writer would do: it is the feeling that counts….

So, connoisseurs, get going!

The tea company Mariage Fréres has been established in 1854 by brothers Henri and Edouard Mariage as an import and trading company for tea, i.e. 17 years earlier than the rise of Singapore to become the No. 1 trading center for tea. Today almost 500 tea variants are on offer among which there are even more than 50 variants of Earl Grey. One of those is being highlighted today as I feel it is an extraordinary one tested over the last 2 weeks.

Mariage Fréres are running the beautiful Salons de Thè, primarily in Paris, but in many other major cities the world over. Needless to mention that you will find anything within the scope of tea, just like this is the case with their competitor TWG. Differences are marginal only.

Earl Grey Imperial

A hearty but very delicate Darjeeling in fragrance and taste enriched by the oil of bergamot. It is either the tea or the citrus fruit or both: such an Early Grey has been an entirely new discovery.

Text: Bodo Falkenried
Translation: Heinz Schwarzkopf
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