25.07.2009, 21:40 Uhr
Singapore | die wahre Emanzipation

Das wahre Emanzipation einhergehen kann mit Grazie, Genuss und Lebenslust zeigen unsere Freundinnen vom Singapore Pipe & Cigar Club: Tess Cao-Cattana, Samantha und Avril Gan in rauchend gelöster Runde beim wöchentlichen Samstagstreff auf der Orchard Road. Aber auch die Herren unseres Partnerclubs sehen nicht gerade angestrengt aus.

von links nach rechts: Sivakumar Manickavasagam - Mauro Cattana - Mike Giam - Dr Corwyn Low
Kamal Mahtani -Alec Ee - David Pak-Ling Yip - Dr Michael Loh

Das wir die Damen und Herren zum Gegenbesuch bei der Münchner Stehrunde erwarten, versteht sich von selbst. Als Termin wurde der Dezember (Christkindlmarkt auf dem Marienplatz) ausersehen. Dann natürlich mit etwas anderen Temperaturen als auf der Orchard Road, aber schliesslich gibt es ja auch im Isartor die größte Feuerzangenbowle der Welt /the world’s largest burnt punch event:

Heinz (thanks a lot) supported me with the translation while I was driving from Italy to Munich this morning: cool, calm and collected Wink

True emancipation can go along with gracefulness and love of life: this is what our charming friends of Singapore Pipe & Cigar Club so fittingly demonstrate: Tess, Samatha and Avril in a relaxed get- together on the occasion of the traditional meeting on Saturdays at Orchard Road. The same is certainly true for the gentlemen of our associated partner club.

It goes without saying that we expect to host the ladies and gentlemen at one of our forthcoming Munich congregations. We have earmarked the month of December ("Christkindlmarkt" = "infant Jesus" market ) for such a meeting. The ambient temperature will be different from what you have at Orchard Road, of course. But then: there is the world's largest "Red Wine Punch" event as a remedy...

Just a few weeks to go and then it is going to happen again: All December, including New Year, sugar loaves will be burning at the world’s largest burnt punch at the Isartor in Munich, nearby the famous Christkindlmarkt. “The world´s largest burnt punch” will take place from the 11st of December 2009 to the 6th of January 2010. It will make your Christmas time and New Year’s celebrations an amazing highlight of the year. The kettle with its is impressive dimensions of 9.84 feet height, 8.20 feet diameter and 9.000 liter capacity is made of wrought-iron. The charming, warm, nostalgic and merry atmosphere, convenient to Christmas time, which is created by the unique location, the smell of the burnt punch, the sight of burning sugar loaves with impressively high flames and the variety of culinary flavours from the cabins around the kettle, will make this amazing event unforgettable. The manager, Mr Hartmut Senkel, said: “We also want to deliver the idea of advent to the world.” Therefore, visitors will be able to buy sugar loaves for little money which will be donated to a charitable organisation called “Münchner Tafel” and burn them at nightfall on top of the gigantic kettle.

Bodo Falkenried Wink
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